Many operations managers are frustrated with the pace of their operations excellence program: projects take months to complete and gains achieved come too late and are all too frequently disappointing.

  • So why does change have to be so hard?

  • And what can leaders do to get better results faster?

Taiichi Ohno, Toyota’s Lean guru, noted that every organisation has antibodies that actively fight off the new way about to be implemented, and that also multiply! Some of these ‘anti-bodies’ may be the most experienced and respected operators and supervisors.


Who is to blame?

A big part of the problem is that much of the focus of Lean and process improvement is on developing the ‘perfect’ technical or process engineering solution – with much less effort thinking through the social aspects of the proposed changes.


But wherever work is done, it involves people.

And whenever people’s work outcomes need to change, we need to pay attention to their ability (skill to do) and readiness (will to do) to support the proposed changes.


TWI Job Relations builds the skills

... that enable front-line leaders and improvement folk anticipate and work proactively through the people aspects of proposed process changes. If this is done systematically for every project, your performance curve will accelerate dramatically.


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