TWI Job Relations (TWI-JR) develops your front-line leaders’ capability to build strong trust, collaboration and engagement of their teams.

It enables organisations to significantly accelerate process changes, and Operations Excellence & Lean Manufacturing / Lean Service initiatives. With this, TWI JR not only boosts the pace of process improvement and builds your competitive edge faster, it also does this with a much happier, more creative workforce than otherwise possible.

Operations excellence is all about serving our customers better, and improving faster than our competitors. To achieve this, managers must develop the capability in their teams to make changes more rapidly and successfully. Success requires SKILL and WILL: we need to bring our people with us. Strong engagement of front-line staff is indispensable for fast, sustainable process change. Without it, our progress is slow and we struggle to make changes stick. To build stronger engagement, supervisors and managers must change how they lead their teams. Actively working on building trust and collaboration must become part of their daily routines.

TWI Job Relations training (TWI-JR) develops essential leadership skills required for this. It enables organisations to

  • achieve step-changes in employee engagement

  • significantly accelerate improvement projects and operations excellence initiatives

  • boost operating performance

Companies new to Lean Manufacturing, Operations Excellence or change and restructuring initiatives realise quickly that there are many people-related obstacles to fast progress: uncertainty about the upcoming changes, difficulties adjusting to the new routines, and reluctance to get on board with new standard job methods are just a few examples of many people-problems that need to be solved. When supervisors, team-leaders or managers are not well prepared to handle these kind of problems, they are detrimental to speed and impact of change initiatives.

By explicitly applying TWI Job Relations throughout, this team made a huge impact on productivity & bottom line, whilst enabling top-line growth.

By explicitly applying TWI Job Relations throughout, this team made a huge impact on productivity & bottom line, whilst enabling top-line growth.

TWI Job Relations training is a powerful enabler of rapid change and fast results. Supervisors learn how to work more effectively through other people, to get results by bringing others on board with daily work and rapid changes. They learn how to strengthen relations and trust between themselves and the people working for them. They develop the leadership skill required to get their teams to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, in the way it needs to be done, because they - the team members - want to do it. In short, by practising the TWI JR routines, supervisors learn, hands-on, how to become better leaders.


Essential leadership skills developed through the Supervisor Academy TWI JR program include the ability to:

  • Anticipate problems linked to change and develop effective strategies to enable rapid acceptance and progress

  • Spot & defuse problems with attitudes, behaviours & relationships early, before they escalate and become hard to solve

  • Use the TWI JR 4 Step problem solving method to analyse people-problems, and develop balanced, creative responses to solve them quickly and sustainably

  • Apply the TWI JR Foundations for Good Relations daily to build trust and prevent problems from arising

  • Use the TWI JR skills to rapidly build team consensus around process changes and new work standards

  • Use the TWI Job Relations skills to improve collaborations between departments, shifts and support staff to improve operations performance

Our experienced Supervisor Academy coaches accompany you and your team from training through full deployment to reinforce TWI JR skills, provide guidance on how and where to apply them to extract rapid Return on Training Investment (ROTI) and how to ensure sustainability of the new habits.

With hands-on guidance and support from our performance coaches, your supervisors and team-leaders quickly integrate the new skills into their daily work and convert them into powerful habits that transform their leadership capability. As your first-line managers become more effective leaders and problem solvers, you will be able to accelerate your Operations Excellence journey and obtain much better operating results much faster than previously possible.