TWI Job Methods (TWI JM) develops your front-line leaders’ capability to lead teams in rapidly improving processes & methods in their area.

TWI JM develops skills that enable organisations to deliver better quality products, improve service performance and reliability and boost productivity by leveraging the full creative potential of their front-line people, with minimal investment.

Your organisation’s  ability to improve faster than your competitors depends on your ability to grow your improvement capacity. Relying on a handful of dedicated improvement professionals (for example Lean specialists, Six Sigma Belts) creates an improvement bottleneck and does not generate the desired speed and impact. This bottleneck can be broken through TWI Job Methods training.

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Fast-paced improvement can only be achieved by getting the majority of your front-line workers actively involved in improving their processes. This is essential to ‘getting to the bottom’ quality and productivity problems. Front-line people are key to developing countermeasures, getting them implemented, and stabilising processes once improvements are made. Therefore, supervisors must be skilled at engaging people & coaching rapid improvement.

Rapid, team-based improvement requires a common improvement language & robust, easy to learn skillset provided by TWI Job Methods training.

Essential leadership skills developed by the Supervisor Academy Job Methods training include the ability to:

  • study & analyse their process, 

  • generate many improvement ideas quickly, 

  • design future state process & sell proposal 

  • test & implement solutions, and 

  • check impact and adjust when necessary

  • lead & coach rapid, team-based improvement 

Our experienced Supervisor Academy coaches accompany you and your team from training through full deployment to reinforce Job Methods skills, provide guidance on how and where to apply them to extract rapid Return on Training Investment (ROTI) and how to ensure sustainability of the new habits.

As supervisors and teams practise the Job Methods improvement pattern and integrate them in their daily work, they quickly get better & faster at improving. TWI JM develops skills and capability that enable your leaders and teams to accelerate the pace of your Operations Excellence journey / Lean program and generate stable, capable processes that deliver exceptional operating results.