TWI Job Instruction (TWI-JI) develops your front-line leaders’ capability in stabilising processes and work methods (standardisation). It teaches effective on-the-job training technique that ensures people reliably perform tasks exactly the way it should be done to get consistently good results.


Skill developed: quick on-boarding of new employees & improving performance of current ones

Delivery: 5 class-room sessions, one 2-hour session per day (one week)

Practice: writing TWI JI Breakdowns and training workers during training week with coaching

Return on Investment: rapid, starting with pilot projects


The ability to perform work consistently over time, and across multiple workers and shifts, is essential to achieving stable, reliable process performance. TWI Job Instruction helps connect the written work standard with the actual practice on the shop floor trough effective on-the-job training.

This ensures people reliably perform a task exactly the way it should be done and has wide-ranging business benefits:

  • dramatically reduce on-boarding and training times,

  • improve reliability and on-time delivery

  • increase flexibility and cover through effective cross-training,

  • squeeze rejects and rework,

  • prevent accidents and reduce near-misses,

  • boost productivity,

  • boost staff engagement.

By establishing a robust foundation of standard work, TWI JI is also a critical enabler of rapid process improvement through Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing or Service, and Operations Excellence programs.

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TWI Job Instruction corrects the common pit-falls of on-the-job training by providing a reliable, repeatable training method without sacrificing the essential human, ‘high-touch’ element of outstanding skills training. Like all Training within Industry (TWI) skills, TWI JI follows a 4 Step Pattern that is practised frequently and becomes second nature to the job-skills trainer.

Job Instruction develops hands-on skills in identifying the ‘one best way’ our SMEs (subject matter experts) know how to perform the work and passing on this method through simple, reliable and effective on-the-job instruction to new and experienced operators.

Supervisors and Team Leaders also learn how to follow up effectively with the workers to ensure the standard method ‘sticks’ and is applied consistently by everyone until a new, better method has been developed by the operations team.



  • understand exactly how the best employees get consistently better results

  • develop the new standard work using the Job Instruction Breakdown technique

  • test & validate new standard work

  • identify & anticipate training needs

  • prioritise & plan job-skills training

  • train new & experienced workers using the time-proven TWI JI 4 Step method

  • execute effective follow-up using standard work audits


TWI Job Instruction is delivered in 5 sessions, one 2 hour session per day. The delivery is done through a series of lectures and practical demonstrations and interactive exercises involving plenty of discussion and feedback. During the training week, in additional to the formal part of the foundation training, participants practise TWI Job Instruction hands-on in their workplace with the guidance of our experienced trainer.

In the weeks following the training, participants undertake pilot projects applying the TWI JI skills to actual operations problems. This consolidates their skill and delivers rapid pay-back on the training investment.