Training within Industry (TWI) is the most successful supervisor training program ever created for industry and service. Millions of supervisors have developed advanced leadership and improvement skills by attending TWI training and applying the skills back at their workplaces to improve quality, service speed, productivity and staff engagement.

After 70 years delivering outstanding results at Toyota and other Japanese companies, TWI is has been re-discovered in the West, and again become a training in high demand with companies in the UK, Ireland, the United States and world-wide. In industry and service, many senior managers have come to realise that making a significant and sustainable impact in operations performance depends on their ability to improve the skills of their first-line leaders and their teams.

It’s easy to see why Training within Industry is so popular. TWI training provides skills which are:

  • quick to learn

  • made to improve performance quickly, if you follow the method

  • designed to transform habits and leave a lasting impact

  • made to rapidly bring everyone in a plant or office up to speed

  • easy to bring and scale in-house, with a rigorous TWI train-the-trainer program to develop your own company trainers

Training within Industry programs develop essential supervisor skills:

  • TWI Job Instruction develops the skill in passing on know-how and standardising methods

  • TWI Job Methods develops the skill in improving and simplifying operations processes

  • TWI Job Relations develops the skill leading, resolving conflicts and improving employee motivation

  • TWI Job Safety develops the skill in spotting and removing risks in people and processes

  • TWI Problem Solving develops the skill in removing root-causes of complex problems quickly and permanently

Organisations that leverage Training within Industry skills to build their supervisors’ and teams’ improvement capability lay the foundation for fast-paced improvement and outstanding operating results.

With its roots in the UK and Ireland, today the Supervisor Academy assists organisations globally - in local language - in growing their leaders’ capabilities and delivering rapid improvement through Training within Industry and other cutting edge improvement methods.

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