Supervisor Standard Work training develops your front-line leaders’ capability in accelerating improvement & stabilisation of their processes. By re-balancing daily tasks, problem solving and people development, they run today’s production more effectively whilst building processes & people that make ‘tomorrow better than today’.


Skills developed: effective daily production management & problem solving

Delivery: 5 class-room sessions, one 2-hour session per day (one week)

Practice: developing and testing supervisor standard work during training week

Return on investment: rapid, through immediate application in daily work


The Supervisor Standard Work training program enables organisations to accelerate the transition of their supervisors & team leaders from traditional supervision, characterised by micro-management of shop-floor activities and frequent fire-fighting, to high-performance management, driven by continuous focus on process stability and improvement.

In recent years the role of the supervisor has changed dramatically. They must acquire new leadership skills and improvement capabilities to succeed in today’s environment. They must fit new improvement, training and coaching tasks into their already crammed work schedulesMany supervisors struggle with this.

Through Supervisor Standard Work, organisations can ensure

  • all activities required to manage production & ensure improvement are carried out correctly and reliably

  • supervisors & team leaders transition to ‘process focus’ by ‘doing it’

  • performing the supervisors’ enhanced role becomes easier & less mentally exhausting

  • the capabilities developed through leadership & improvement skills training get locked in & deliver operating results faster

  • the pace of Operations Excellence and Lean transformation accelerates


Just as standard work for operators ensures products and services are made and delivered at the right quality, time and cost, Supervisor Standard Work ensures that all critical front-line leadership functions are carried out correctly & completely to assure optimum operating performance, as well as fast-paced people and process improvement.

Our Supervisor Standard Work training teaches first-line leaders and their managers how to prioritise daily management tasks and align leaders to stabilise processes and optimise performance.

It follows the success-formula of our Training within Industry (TWI) programs, and comes with a pocket-card that outlines a practical 4 Step problem-solving method enabling rapid skills development and sustainable culture change.


  • improve time management: decide what to focus on and when without neglecting mission-critical activities

  • balance activities to deliver progress: running production, stabilising & improving processes, developing team capabilities

  • develop standard work instruction for critical tasks

  • visualise & drive process stabilisation

  • use visual tools to trigger problem solving when & where it is needed

  • effective problem solving at levels 1 (containment) & 2 (countermeasure)


Supervisor Standard Work training is delivered in 5 sessions, one 2 hour session per day. The delivery is done through a series of lectures and practical, interactive exercises encouraging critical reflection, discussion & experimentation. During the training week participants develop, test and refine their new standard work in their department with the guidance of our experienced trainer.

In the weeks following the training, participants continue applying and refining their standard work to drive process stabilisation and improvement. This not only consolidates their skill, but also delivers rapid pay-back on the training investment.