We support your first-line and middle managers’ transition from ‘just a boss’ to ‘exceptional leader’.

Anyone can talk a good game. But how many leadership training companies can make real change happen?

Unlike other leadership training companies, at Supervisor Academy we don’t just do training. We work with companies hands-on to develop high-performance supervisor skills and make sure they become part of everyday life in your operations.

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Our leadership development programs (listed below) help you accelerate the speed & impact of your Lean transformation or Operational Excellence journey and boost operating results. Our leadership development training enables managers and supervisors to transform how they lead people, production & process improvement to achieve outstanding operations performance.

For training to make a difference, it needs to be practical, grow skills & change habits. If learning in classes is not applied, leadership and improvement skills don’t develop and habits don’t change.

If habits don’t change, we cannot expect results.

To change habits, leadership training programs must combine practical application, follow-up & expert coaching.

We have carefully selected and developed our leadership training programs to enhance the development of high-performance skills and habits. Across all of our leadership classes, our time-proven, hands-on training format builds practical skills that are applied straight away in real life to ensure they stick and provide rapid return on training investment.

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