Leader Standard Work (Supervisor Standard Work) enables your front-line leaders to balance the needs of supervising daily production, enhancing process stability, improving processes and growing their teams’ capabilities. It ensures all essential activities are carried out correctly, timely and reliably to drive faster improvement and better operating results.

This training program enables organisations to accelerate the transition of their supervisors & team leaders from traditional management, characterised by micro-management of shop-floor activities and frequent fire-fighting, to high-performance management, driven by continuous focus on process stability and improvement.

In recent years the role of the supervisor has changed dramatically. For decades, it was enough for supervisors to allocate work, people and machines and to monitor daily production. Nowadays, supervisors are expected to ensure stable, predictable operations results, improve processes continuously and grow their people’s capabilities and autonomy. On one hand this means supervisors must acquire new leadership skills and improvement capabilities to succeed in today’s environment. On the other, most supervisors struggle to fit new improvement, training and coaching tasks into their already crammed schedules. 

Some supervisors rise to the challenge of a broader scope of responsibilities, but many others struggle. As with most things in operations, what is not standardised does not happen reliably. Leaving operations performance to the individual talents and style of your front-line managers often causes unstable and less than optimal operations performance and slows down the pace of improvement.

Just as standard work for operators ensures products and services are made and delivered at the right quality, time and cost, Supervisor Standard Work ensures that all critical front-line leadership functions are carried out correctly & completely to assure optimum operating performance, as well as fast-paced people and process improvement.

By implementing Leader Standard Work, managers ensure 

  • all activities required to manage production & ensure improvement are carried out correctly and reliably

  • supervisors and team leaders transition to ‘process focus’ by ‘doing it’

  • performing the supervisors’ enhanced role becomes easier & less mentally exhausting

  • the capabilities developed through leadership & improvement skills training get locked in & deliver operating results

  • the pace of Operations Excellence and Lean transformation accelerates

Essential leadership skills developed through the Supervisor Academy Leader Standard Work Program include:

  • time management skills: deciding what to focus on and when

  • developing balanced supervisor routines: running production, stabilising & improving processes, developing team capabilities

  • developing standard work for critical supervisor tasks

  • deciding on measures to stabilise processes

  • using visual tools to simplify leader standard work

Leader Standard Work for front-line leaders is essential for the development of High Performance Supervisors and lays a strong foundation for Continuous Improvement and Operations Excellence strategy to take hold in daily operations. 

Our experienced Supervisor Academy coaches accompany you and your team from training through full deployment to reinforce Leader Standard Work skills, provide guidance on how and where to apply them to extract rapid Return on Training Investment (ROTI) and how to ensure sustainability of the new habits.

As supervisors and teams integrate the new practices in their daily work, they quickly get better at their role. They develop the skills and capability that enable your organisation to accelerate the pace of your Operations Excellence journey / Lean program and generate stable, capable processes that deliver exceptional operating results.