We help you fix performance problems in people and processes - fast & sustainably. Our revolutionary leadership skills training & performance coaching system accelerates process improvement, transforms your supervisor & middle-manager skills and boosts operating results.

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Are your Supervisors good but not great at managing production and growing their teams?

Do you struggle to improve quality and productivity?

Is your Lean Transformation or Operations Excellence program slow?

Is it hard to engage your employees in Continuous Improvement?

Not getting return on training investment from your current Leadership Training?

Tired of boring, ineffective Supervisor Training Courses?

At the Supervisor Academy we are experts not only at developing leadership capabilities and high-impact Lean Manufacturing skills, we also help you embed these skills in daily operations life, so they immediately start working for you.

Our Supervisor Training Courses are interactive, fun and hands-on. We develop practical skills and habits that transform the way your supervisors lead production, people and continuous improvement. With our expert coaching, your supervisors and front-line teams practise their new skills on-the-job, as they solve real process and people problems and learn how to get fast results.

Our Leadership Training Programs have been carefully selected and developed to accelerate learning curves, change habits and maximise impact. Supervisors and front-line teams quickly learn cutting-edge Training within Industry (TWI) and Problem Solving skills.

We apply the time-proven Training within Industry formula of combining no-nonsense, hands-on leadership skills development with immediate real-life application and coaching. This ensures the new skills stick and make a lasting impact on your people and operations results.

Our SUPERVISOR ACADEMY TEAM have a wealth of experience implementing Lean strategy, Culture change & Operations Excellence Transformations hands-on as lead-partitioners and coaches. Our high-impact Training Within Industry and Leadership Training Programs develop practical leadership skills which are applied straight away to improve engagement, customer service, quality and productivity.